Who are we?

GIGI laboratories began manufacturing professional cosmetic products in 1957. Today, GIGI laboratories is known as the leading professional cosmetic company in Israel, exporting products to over 40 countries world-wide.

GIGI is offering a variety of more than 400 distinct products, developed by professional chemists using the latest leading technologies. The company uses up-to-date active ingredients from all over the world, appropriately incorporates them in professional cosmetic products to suit modern day living, climate changes and different skin types. The production process is accompanied by strictest quality control protocols, promising top-notch quality products that fit a wide range of skin types, ages and ethnicities.

The ACNON skin-care line was developed by a leading team of chemists, dermatologists and professional cosmetologists to provide a quick and easy daily skin-care routine that treats acne-prone skin and gives visible results. ACNON does more than treat acne, it treats and prevents long-term damage cause by spots, ensuring clear and beautiful skin in the shortest time possible.

ACNON combines professional products used by cosmetologists in the clinic along with home-care products that complete the treatment. The ACNON home-care products contain active ingredients that fight acne without irritating or drying the skin. ACNON was dermatologically test, does not contain parabens or allergens and its unique formula is patented by GIGI laboratories.

Every single GIGI product is held to the highest international standards, in terms of expiration date, batch number, Israeli ministry of health demands and European and Asian market standards. The products are environmentally friendly, free of animal testing and the packaging is recyclable.

GIGI laboratories markets its products through professional cosmeticians in clinics and beauty salons.