Accessibility declaration

GIGI laboratories accessibility agreement

GIGI laboratories implements great efforts and partakes immense resources to provide our clientele with an accessible website respectful of their needs. According to the laws of equality for people with disabilities, efforts are being applied to maximize the accessibility of our website for anyone of interest.
Our contact can be reached through our digital channels.

Web content accessibility

An accessible website is one that allows people with disabilities to enjoy it at the same level as anyone entering the website. Up to 25% of the community may experience difficulties using the internet, on this account, websites make efforts to become more accessible, according to a research performed by Microsoft in 2003. GIGI laboratories believes in acting for quality of opportunities for anyone using accessibility technology.

Information of the website’s accessibility

  • This website is up to the laws of equality standards for people with disabilities from 2013
  • Agistments of the website were performed according to the recommendation of the Israeli standards association stamp (5568) for accessibility of internet contents at AA level and international WCAG2.0 document
  • The website provides semantic structure for technologies supporting usage pattern acceptable of Enter and Esc keys to exit windows and menus
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • For the best screen rendering program, we recommend the latest version of NVDA

Website operation and accessibility aids

This website offers an accessibility menu. By pressing the icon, the accessibility menu will open. After pressing the desired subject the following format will open.

  • Increased font- allows to increase the font by 200%
  • Grayscale, higher contrast, opposite contrast
  • Links emphasizing- allows the content to be more accessible

Ways to apply accessibility improvement requests and suggestions

It should be noted that we continue our efforts to improve the company’s accessibility as part of our commitment to allow the entire population, including people with disabilities, to receive the most accessible service.

Should you encounter any problem with accessibility on the website, we will gladly make an effort to find a suitable solution as long as you let us know.

Accessibility website contact details  +972-3-925888